Why Join The Yatri Circle?

Here at The YC, we continue to create a space to bring like-minded souls on a journey of self-love & self-development. Through Gayatri's style of yoga practice, teachings, breath work, sacred rituals and much more, she takes you on a journey of stepping out of your comfort zone through your body, breath & mind.

This is an invitation to connect deeper with yourself and have fun along with your personal & spiritual growth.

What You’ll Receive Monthly:


New Live Yoga Practice

Monthly Guided /
Moving Meditation

Monthly Kickoff Call &
Q&A session with Gayatri

FULL ACCESS to Archive of classes since The YC began


New Weekly Yoga Practices

Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga & Breathwork.

Each month, there will be 4 sessions of LIVE 75-minute practice
(a combination of asana, pranayama & spiritual teachings) and you’ll have access to the full archive of LIVE Classes since YY began.

Each practice is focused to align your mind, body & soul with your highest calling so that you can gain inner peace & live a purposeful life.

Guided Meditation / Dance Embodiment Practice

Every month, you’ll have one new guided meditation (using breath & mantras) OR a moving meditation practice.

This will help you release stagnant energy, tension, stress within the body and open your channels to ease, joy, creativity to name a few.

Your guided meditations is an opportunity to go in deeper with yourself, practice the art of being in the present or to just relax and reset. A great way to align both mind & body.

Soul Circle

A Safe Space to be YOU & enjoy the community spirit as a fellow Yatri in our Private Community Page.

This will be our virtual home where we bring heart-felt and soul-led individuals together.

A space where you can be open and honest about any struggles or achievements and stay accountable on your personal journey to your wellbeing.

Live Monthly Q&A

Once a month, Gayatri will host a live Q&A via Zoom.

This is a chance for you to pick her brains about your journey, your struggles, Yoga, Spirituality, Mindset, Nutrition, Meditation, upcoming programmes and LIFE in general.


Today is the first day of the rest of your life

Choose the best plan for you, and start FEELING better inside out today.

12 Months

Best Value

1 Month

Cancel Anytime

"Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world."

Sri Ramana Maharshi

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